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Incidents happen when unsafe acts combine with unsafe conditions. Are we mindful of the risks around us?
We at Safe Campus are experts to impart reality based trainings on techniques for ensuring on campus and off the campus safety for students.
We bring to the institutions we associate with:

why safe campus?

Personal safety and security in the changing scenario today is not a choice but a necessity. We need to prioritize survival and mental well-being as the primary requisite to becoming a successful individual.

Our students are the future of our country and safety has to be a way of life for them, we, therefore, need to create an environment of mental, emotional and physical well-being within the school premises.

We offer students the foundation of productive, successful and fearless lives.

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We help school leaders get control of safety, security and emergency readiness with multiple strategies. We evaluate school buildings, security systems and plans from top to bottom.

Our robust programs are based on hands-on experience and extensive domain expertise.

"The session changed our mindset completely, we realized that self defense is one of the most important things in life and at some point or the other we will probably need it. It was very knowledgeable, and our instructor "D" being so enthusiastic about teaching us, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves all the while learning skills which would actually protect us from mishaps. The structural based survival tactics that we were taught made us realize how vulnerable we make ourselves by not being aware of our surroundings and that it is high time we stop being dependent on others and become independent ourselves."

- Class XI Student

"The training being imparted is of much wider level and involves practical and situational strategies which are extremely useful in life. Ms. Dipti Shankar, is not only a highly committed and passionate trainer but she is intelligent and is able to adapt very quickly. I recommend her strongly to all organisations which are dealing with young children."

- Dr. Sumer Singh,

Principal, Daly College, Indore

"Dipti ma'am you gave us an opportunity to protect ourselves from difficult situations as the girls are facing today. We shared our experiences with each other and got to know that we are not the only ones who have through this. We learnt many moves to defend and we felt very confident and strong after having this session with you. Thank you so much for teaching us, how to go through these situations. We look forward to see you in the next session."

- Student,

Junior Bharti

"It makes me delighted to put on record that Mr. Dee is an outstanding resource person in the field of Self Defense Techniques & Fitness Science. This testimonial is an outcome of my personal experince during her week long workshop at our school. I am confident that the society at large inviting her would be more than happy as she masters in her domain and has wonderful oratory skills to pass on her expertise to the people across. I wish her a very bright future ahead."

- Dr. Janardan Pandey,

Principal, The Delhi Public School, Madhya Pradesh